Tai Chi For Elderly People

In China, doctors would prescribe Tai chi to their patients as a health treatment plan. Tai chi is both a preventative and curative branch of Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM). In illness, our energy stagnates and that can cause an imbalance. Tai chi practice increases the flow of energy, or Qi, which in return strengthens and rejuvenates the body internally, and helps to avert illness and fatigue. Tai chi benefits can be felt on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
Physical benefits: Tai chi form is based on slow and repetitive sets of movements and it helps circulation and improves flexibility in the joints, physical strength and balance are also improved.
Mental benefits: Tai chi is known as a moving meditation. It promotes good concentration and the slow, rhythmic breathing calms the mind. It can be very relaxing and focusing at the same time.
Tai Chi classes at MClinic in Dublin are ongoing five-week courses, designed to improve posture, balance and co-ordination. Tai chi practice helps to reduce stress levels, to ease tension and aches in the body, to support bone strength and joint flexibility and to enhance overall well being. Read more about Taichi benefits for elderly people here